crowder's new album

have you guys seen this? i'm not a huge DCB fan, but i think a live 4-room cam of you and your band recording your new album is pretty slammin. keeps me company on lonely mornings.


what's your worship leader doing?

as a worship leader, i find this completely offensive... and stinkin' hilarious. click 'em.

as for other stuff, this weekend was sweet. jodi's parents are in town from PA - always good food and great company. friday, we had an acoustic gig at a catholic coffee shop (yes, coffee shops can have faith too). we did the drum circle thing with both carl and josh on percussion - two djembes, a snare drum, three shakers, two tambourines and a conga - then me on acoustic/vocals.

carl did a short acoustic set of his own songs that was so smooth. he ended one of his songs with a loop of his own rhythm, then played lead over it.

today, i got to lead worship at crosspointe. then we were off to the phoenix botanical gardens to look at a bunch of cacti (no match for the flower gardens at NC state or Duke!). t-shirt update is coming soon....


"theater mix-up"

i laughed out loud when i read this article. are our church services really like this? NOTE: don't click on the link if you can't handle laughing at the church a little.


ben harper quote

“I want to strive to imperfection,” he continues. “the recording process has sterilized music. the more time you have to make things perfect, the more you tend to. when you don’t have time to, they’re just left perfectly undone.” -ben harper

word up ben.


marlow's favorite word

just for kicks, go to chris's blog. then click "find (on this page)" from the edit menu. do a search for the word "amazing" and see how many times it pops up.

much love bro.


christians and the environment

this is an interesting article on Christians' responsibility to the environment. crazy how Christians are finally coming around to this notion (myself included), despite the urging of so many around us over the years.



sheesh. i was on blogging-roll there. then it stopped. here are some interesting happenings & quotes from the past week:

i woke jodi from what seemed like a seizure this morning - she was shaking all over, smirking, and grunting, eyes rolling; turns out she was dreaming about a Saturday Night Live skit and laughing while running in her dream.


my voicemail to Carl (bass player in my band): "hey man, just wanted to make sure you got the setlist for friday's gig and could make it early to set up and practice."

Carl's voicemail back to me: "hey bro, i'm not sure if you know what's going on this weekend... i'll be in San Diego on friday... proposing to my girlfriend."


"i feel so bad - they're like the best band we've ever had here." an employee commenting about us last week when we went to Tucson for a gig in a christian bookstore. the last time we played there, about 80 kids showed up. this time we played to a empty store. turned out to be a very expensive, long distance, band practice.


this week Kurt wore a charlie brown shirt to our gig. incredibly rock n' roll or kinda dorky - you decide (love ya man).


tim (reign kings drummer) induced a gagging/coughing spell in his dog by locking her in the bathroom while he 'rocked the deuce.'