right. so a little about the title of my blog and of my new worship album. proskyneo (also proskuneo) is a greek word, still used in the greek orthodox liturgy. it is literally translated "kissing the hand of" or "kissing toward" - a simultaneous act of reverence, submission and affection.

evidently the word worship as it appears in our english bible, is translated from several different origin-words. though it appears as the same word over and over in our scripture text, similar to the word love, it is translated from multiple different meanings.

there's this whole complex thing where a certain worship-word is appropriate only in reference to God, another can apply to any god, and another refers to a worship service, etc. who knew? some other words for worship include latreuo and dalia.

seems that us christians have a way of taking a word with great meaning (think "awesome"), over-using it and watering it down so that the amazing original meaning... doesn't mean so much anymore. right now in church-ianity, i feel that way about the word worship. so as soon as i heard about proskyneo, i immediately latched on.

so, yeah. with these songs i'm attempting to kiss the hand of my savior, jesus, in prostration, in adoration.

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