sending a prayer up for the Marlows as they recover from such a tough ordeal....



i just installed a widget on my mac that posts the most watched & highest rated vids of the day from YouTube. check out these gems:

how embarrassing and why is this entertaining?


the show

pete yorn rocked it last night. great 3-guitar singer-songwriter rootsy rock n' roll. so cool to see everyone in a tight band knowing their territory. not overstepping their boundaries. and knowing when NOT to play.

the opening band, aqualung amazed us by doing a whole set of piano-based radiohead covers! (that was a jab).

and we were floored by alison sudol, the lead singer from a fine frenzy, who did a piano-and-synth set. crazy voice and charming stage presence.

all that, an evening alone with Jodi, and a belly full of guinness & sushi = great night.



not my shows - those of ones far greater than I.

jodi and I are going to see pete yorn tomorrow night. sooooo excited. he's definitely one of my faves as rootsy-singer-songwriters go. we'll do sushi, then go to the show for our annual non-valentine's day celebration.

and is anybody else excited about this?


the (left coast) windy city

just got back from our little trip to seattle to see Ken and Brenda.... oh yeah, and for Jodi to present at WCA (Western Communication Association conference).

seattle is really a fantastic place to visit (and probably to live). a few degrees warmer and we'd seriously consider living there - right, honey? bonus: getting to be with great people like Ken/Brenda/Trey all the time.

and seattle's perfect for those three. them's some coffee drinkin' folk. I still have heartburn from the every-6-hour dose of caffeine that seattle life entails.

otherwise, Ken extensively documented our trip here and here. enjoy.


starbucks town

so, to make you all happy, I'll break my silence.

right now we're in seattle with our good friends Ken and Brenda. hoping to drink lots of coffee and get rained on plenty. more stories and maybe pics soon....