live @ GJ's - a new record from wahba

hey kids. just wanted to let you know about a new CD that was just released. it's a LIVE ONE!

all acoustic/live coffeehouse versions of wahba songs from prior albums. check out the press release here. and be sure to read the bit about the album cover - don't want anyone offended about the martini glass!

oh yeah... you can listen to some tunes and buy the CD here or here.


kole, a soul at peace

sad news, brothers and sisters. our dear friend kole passed away this week after a long bout with cancer. his passing was just 2 days after his 6th birthday. and just 4 days after the birth of his baby sister.

words can't really express the pain and sadness his family might be feeling. indeed, the passing of your own 6 year old child raises lots of questions. please keep them in your prayers.

read of kole's amazing story, and his family's incredible faith here on kole's blog.


picture pages, picture pages...

as an update to my video post. all the vids are also up on the wahba youtube page.

and I should have posted about this a wicked-long-time ago.... there's a wahba gig-picture website with pics from lots of gigs, past, present, and future. okay, not future gig pics yet. but check my smugmug page.

if all the pics are overwhelming, for you, FRET NOT. i'll be highlighting some past gigs and putting up links for us all to reminisce about....


wahba videos

well now, it seems we've finally entered the video age. and it only took us 17 years (that is, since MTV first aired, for you trivia buffs).

i've posted 4 dark, grainy, distorted, shaky videos for your viewing torture. they're up on my new and un-cluttered myspace page (if that's possible). editing video is definitely not my forte - but i'd like to think audio IS. so believe it or not, these videos sound way better than what we captured on our little digital camera....

click here to see all the action!


wonder years

jodi and watched the first two episodes of wonder years last night. such a great show.

it's crazy. we're 4 years apart and both clearly remember how much that one show rocked our worlds. it's one of the few times in my life I actually designated a time every week to watch a particular TV program.

anyhow, we both agreed that, although it seems wonder years was primarily aimed at baby boomers, it spoke to us right where we were. I was the same age as kevin's character and jodi was even a little younger. but the characters and dialogue went beyond just entertainment. they said something about growing up, about popularity, personal loss, hurting the ones you love and seeing those around you in pain.

in fact, as far as the appeal of the show, we think this is one of the select few shows that actually appealed to everyone. we're talking like ages 10-70. do yourself a favor. go rent season one....

gig catchup and wahba-tube coming soon.