last AZ gig

this morning Tim, Jonathan and I worshipped our little hearts out for the last time together.

i'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little empty inside. not only were these guys some of the best I've ever played with - but their overall comraderie and spirit were contagious. I was pushed to think of new ways to play our songs because I knew they could totally handle it.

i'll miss playing with them. I'll miss all the gigs we had. i'll miss all the relationships we've built with the local leaders here in the valley of the sun.

and I fully admit that I get some kind of weird self-validation through playing & worshipping on a regular basis. I'm used to having gigs booked for months ahead of time. and now I don't have a single gig scheduled.

maybe I'm wired to crave the stage because that's what I was created to do. or maybe it's a personality flaw.

i wonder what the future holds. more gigs? a better market for my ministry and music? or will the loss of momentum from this move be insurmountable on a mental level for me.

hey Man, it's in Your hands, seriously....


new CD on iTunes

check it out! my new CD, live @ GJ's is up on iTunes already. give it a test drive and download till you're all worshipped out.

oh yeah, here's the link.


new viddy-OH's

giver - with imperial march breakdown

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