oblivious action figures

yeah, yeah, it's been a while.

after my own sister told me I really needed to update my blog, and others said they thought the "refresh" on their browser was malfunctioning, I've decided to break my silence.

phoenix, new castle, columbus, raleigh - I'm now at my 4th holiday destination within an 8-day period.

while you reel in the ecstasy of my new blog post, check out the new action figures website! it kills me that we're going to miss their CD release next week. we've only been waiting for the CD to be done since before the dawn of man.

for example, I listened to the action figures "rough mixes" to keep me awake on my drive up to propose to Jodi... that was 8 months before we were married... and we got married 3 1/2 years ago.

new pics and other news coming sooner or later.


the beautiful effect is...

...one way to explain the holy spirit's work on our souls
...another excuse to use the word 'beauty'
...getting a perma-grin when you pass a cooing baby
...tongue in cheek?
...what you make of it
...what happens when you make art with titles like "american beauty", "life is beautiful", "a beautiful mind", "the beautiful letdown", "beautiful day"... the list goes on
...a testament to the overuse of said word
...finally here
...the name of my new album
...available now.