new crowder

once again, mr. crowder is preparing another CD of blips and squeaks for all the worshipping young folk to salivate over while hopping up and down & clapping on every beat.

this time, they're not only showing 24-hour webcams of their recording house, they've compiled a clip of the day to document their creative adventures. the coolest of these so far is easily a bit where they have "the Nuge" come in and do a face-melting guitar solo.

again, i'm not too keen on crowder's style or 100% of his songwriting. but i'm envious they get to do all this goofing off for a living....


let's review....

true, it's been quite a while since I've blogged. and i'm totally embracing this "live-life-instead-of-trying-to-document-it-in-a-trendy-geeky-way" philosophy. but the 3 or 7 of you who stop by here every once in a while actually seem to care about what's going on in our lives so I'll, if only for a brief moment, indulge your deepest desires and fantasies.

albeit plain and boring, let's play some catch up, shall we?

magnolia - this is more of a side note. I finally got jodi to sit down and watch Magnolia. not that it was a struggle or anything - she's been wanting to see it and we just haven't had a chance. the whole frog plague at the end still baffled and grossed us both out. so I finally looked it up. evidently it's part of some recurring references to exodus 8:2 and the style/work of charles fort. anyhoots, after all that, jodi didn't really seem to like the movie anyway....

california dreamin' - boston visited his 5th state as of this past weekend. we hit laguna beach to see our dear friends, David and Air. then off to whittier where the folks at faith community treated us mighty kind for our all-day sunday gig. and finally to Santa Monica & LA to see some of my extended family and have them meet the kid for the first time.

gigs & our move to NC - still playing a whole bunch. but alas, all good things must come to an end. we're winding down as we prep for our big move. we've gotta be out of the house by may 1.

that puts jodi and B on a plane to PA to be with her family while I stay in the PHX and finish out my work contract until june. meanwhile, all our belongings will be on a moving truck, headed out to the greater Raleigh area. despite all this, we still had time to finish production on a live, acoustic, tribal, funky...

new CD! it's back from the presses. more about the new disc coming soon....



craigslist is so great. i've found band members, house painters, landscapers, really good software deals and a cellist up there.

check out this ad though. i mean isn't it enough to just put the ad up? do we really need to post "glamour shots by deb" photos with our ads? can anyone please help pastor Jermaine out? ha!

ok now I feel bad.

giuliani on abortion

this here video is interesting.

as many of you know, jodi and I are advocates of adoption. giuliani is the first candidate i've seen who fortifies/balances his pro-life stance by promoting adoption.


most podcasted

by now, most of you know what podcasts are.

well... on a little site called the podsafe network (where they present and track indie artists for play on genre-specific podcasts), there's a little list of the top ten most podcasted christian songs. and guess who is on the list?

me! actually it's kind of rad - and definitely God - there are three of my tracks that made it into the top ten.


mac parodies (and a gust of southern wind)

i realize apple is pretty influential right now. and that the best form of flattery is imitation. but have we gone too far with the apple commercial parodies yet? sheesh.

mac = loser
environmental mac
racial mac
christian mac - i appreciate what they're going for, but it's still pretty dorky.

in other stories, we finally finished gone with the wind last night. yes, part 2 was just as long.

we totally appreciated the story line. and it's our guess that the saga/drama of it made this a timeless movie that ranks highly on a lot of lists. lots of people dying, a bloody war, prostitutes, and a love quadrangle very broken and realistic. it's a love story that doesn't end totally happy and that's why we liked it.

that's also why we're surprised so many others have liked it.

if this type of story has been so successful, then why aren't today's sappy-pathetic romantic dram-edies following suit? no, not with the pretentiousness of another 4 1/2 hour epic. we think they'd be much better off if they ended more realistically, in less of a girl-always-gets-the-guy scenario.

anyways, the filmmakers never really addressed the race issue. and although scarlet and rhett broke the mold of character-types, a few of the other characters, especially those portraying slaves, were pretty standard/boring. at one point, one of the slaves even made an expression (eyes looking sideways, mouth open in funny amazement) that we've seen on every african american sitcom that was ever made.

the writers had a chance to comment on a war and an issue central to the time it was portraying. they failed to make any comment. to it's fault, it's painfully obvious that this picture was written by white folks and aimed at entertaining white folks.



jodi and I are in the middle of watching gone with the wind. epic story and movie. highly influential and award-winning... and we're trying to figure out why.

it's tough when you see something so old. you have to force yourself back to the time frame in which it was created. there's a lot of "great for it's time" comments you use to convince yourself it's a worthy piece of art.

it's also difficult when the movie is so stinking long. I'm not talking "long" as in one DVD for the movie and disc 2 for all the extras. I'm talking this movie takes up two whole DVDs. the thing has an intermission in it.

a couple of observations so far:

scarlett is a wreck. she's schizophrenic, attention-seeking and really annoying at times. and that's what we love about her. she definitely makes the movie.

and their portrayal of yankees and Abe Lincoln as evil, twisted foes is interesting, seeing as how the yankee side was fighting to abolish slavery. scarlett even makes a derogatory comment about old Abe.

we're most interested to see how they finish painting their picture of how slavery should be retrospectively viewed. will they paint it "as is" in lieu of the rebellious-romantic story line? or will they allow these enlightened starring characters to see the folly of their side of the war? so far, the painting is pretty grim.

disc two, here we come....


circuit bending

this is interesting.

must... resist... dissecting... boston's toys.


moving... somewhere

for those of you who don't know, the wahba's are moving. to exactly where we don't know. but the above picture creates somewhat of a situation.

i can't believe this is a picture of a home I (used to) own! here's the lowdown: we put the house up on the local market at a reasonable price - not too greedy. in hopes that we might sell by May and most likely move outta the AZ.

within 24 hours, we had 2 offers, both of which were at the asking price. with the buyer, we were able to negotiate, no doubt with the strength of the Big Guy, to stay in our house, rent & mortgage free, for 1 1/2 months after we close.

so now we're trying to figure out where to go. the obvious choice is North Carolina. and that's where we'll probably end up. but I don't have a job there. and as you'll recall we have a 4-month old guest staying with us. a guest that has certain living requirements... such as having at least one parent with a job. I've put in my notice at work and we're praying for God to show us what to do next.

so before Marlow chimes in with his "austin is so beautiful this time of year" comments, we'll go ahead and say we'd like to at least be in the same time zone as our families (EST). someplace that preferably employs PAs or wanna-be rockstar worship leaders.