ben stein's new movie

this movie might be a little late as far as the age-old debate goes. but it's interesting just how many scientists seem to continue to get ostracized for not condoning darwinism. can't we all just metaphysically coexist?!


in my element

we're up in Erie, PA leading worship for a youth winter retreat. and i sound like a McDonald's commercial, 'cause I'm lovin' it so much.

worship is going so smoothly it's incredible. the kids are responding and my band (neal, whom I haven't played with in over a year, and orion, who rocks my socks on drums) is killer. their instincts and ability to stay true to the mood and song are uncanny.

and we've had a lazy saturday. worshipped this morning. took a walk out onto frozen Lake Erie. then took a nap. now we're sitting inside our cozy meetin area, looking out at the snow quietly falling onto billows of clean, cottony forest ground. we can see the Lake from our dorm area and from the big windows of the worship lodge.

Lord, don't take me now :)



note to self: if you think you might not be posting on your blog for a while, don't make any new posts related to the season of year. it might be 2 or 3 seasons later before you post again :)