weekend gigs

here's a quick update on our 3-gig weekend. sorry no pics - I forgot the digicam the entire weekend!

friday 04.21.06 - deer valley light & life church - here are the casualties.... shades that fell from my head from rocking so hard: 1. messed up chords and lyrics from rocking so hard: several. broken drumsticks from rocking so hard: 2. we had a blast playing alongside lucky for this youth outreach. Shon and the gang from deer valley were mighty kind to us.

sunday 04.23.06 (morning) - lifepoint church - omigosh, we love the people at lifepoint. everyone was so friendly. i think we offended a few people by worshipping too loud - but they were still so nice to us! props to pastor Keith for having us and for booking us on sunday night....

sunday 04.23.06 (evening) - sovereign grace church - we wised up and booked two gigs in tucson this time. we took naps outside in the car while we waited for them to open the church for us. jonathan swears he played a perfect show. we'd like to disagree, but we really can't. his girlfriend angi and josh's daughter Rochelle worked the merch table like krazy.

i think that about brings us up to speed. next time, remind me to bring the camera, will you!


04.12.06 - campus crusade @ ASU

last week, we were invited back to campus crusade for a full night of worship. so very cool....

we got to crank the volume up with the full band. the "cru" crew were so dang hospitable. it's breathtaking to hear a room full of about 100 young people singing out to their creator. props to the folks who came up to speak during "share time."

note that the gray t-shirt is in heavy rotation.


04.07.06 @ bethany community

earlier this month, we got to open for nationally known comedian, rich praytor. we've never opened for a comedian before. maybe I'm a little slow, but I'm not sure if I'll ever understand the connection - how does a band "warm up" a crowd for a comedian?

this is rich.

anyhow, in an effort to warm them up, I told the crowd some of my best jokes. ones like what's the difference between an orange? a motorcycle, because a pair of scissors doesn't have wings! ...and knock knock (who's there?) star wars (star wars who?) star wars: the empire strikes back!

I think they were glad somebody funny actually went after us. here are some pics (note the Police style 3-piece - unfortunately we're gonna have to get used to this - more details later).





kitty catch update

I've updated my other blog. y'all should really check it out.


marlows and trey visit

i'm finally catching up on blogging all the happenings from the last two weeks.....
we had a blast with the Marlows and Trey. such a blessed family. I can't believe we were only friends with them for like 5 months before we left Raleigh, but we're still such great friends almost three years later! had some great talks about North Carolina, missing our friends, new beginnings, and the kind of churches-communities we're all looking for.

we miss Bailey and McKenzie so much! it was so great climbing Camelback Mountain and showing the Marlows all the best places to grub in the AZ - oreganos, julio G's mexican, coffee plantation, yummmm.

finally, here's a fantastic picture of Chris, the cheerleader.
nice one, bro.


new blog

hey kids. sorry it's been so long. busy and working and gigging, and blah blah.

I wanted to let y'all know I have a new blog. not a replacement blog for this one. more of a "parallel universe" blog of sorts. yes, a blog with meaning and purpose.

check out my new alternate-blog here: CatchTheCat.blogspot.com.

updated photos and gig stories coming soon....