DJ worship

last night DJ Cre One and i jammed for the first time. i can't say how much fun it was.

he laid down some sick old school hip hop beats and I did some worship songs on my acoustic while he scratched in the breaks. he was so open to trying out fresh ideas and such a great guy all around.

our first appearance as a duo will be on october 30 at an outdoor outreach with some other local hip hop artists in phoenix....



sheesh. if you've written me off for blogging inconsistency, i'll understand.

today was the birthday of... 4 new songs. I played them at a coffee house in front of an audience (besides my wife) for the first time. the verdict: good. i had really good responses to a couple of them. and my percussionist Josh rocked the whole night. i had no recorded version of any of the songs - so he heard all four of them for the first time yesterday during practice. now i'm really stoked to try them out during worship.

all in all, there were probably no more than 30 people there tonight. but the vibe was so sweet and chill, it didn't matter. plus, we got to have some of louann's famous cinnamon buns (easily as yummy as a Cinnabon, but homemade). mmm... cinnamon buns.

speaking of birthdays, the big three-O is coming up for you-know-who. really excited about that one.

more on gigs, work and recording to come. tomorrow night me and nate open for jonah33....


radio--coffee--booking november--the GLW

long post this afternoon.

today I was the GLW (guest lead worshipper) at genesis church. the term GLW is sadly funny because this particular church actually had to come up with the acronym (initials?) since they have somebody different lead worship every single sunday. it's a pretty well established church with a staff worship pastor who is currently on sebatical. he's playing lead guitar with a worship band for a youth ministry tour across the US - one that features David Crowder as a headliner. not a bad gig.

worship was good today. played with a girl drummer who rocked (you go Sarah!). we Pete Yorn-ified "blessed be your name" - made it sound more like the song "black."


i've had so much coffee this week. mostly meeting with leaders of local college ministries. had some great conversations about PoMo evangelism with other thinkers, with some more modern evangelists, and with leaders who seemed open, but had never heard of post-modernism before. a very cool benefit of getting out there and trying to lead worship for different groups is having the chance to talk straight about all the different approaches to evangelism in our culture.

or maybe it's the other way around.... maybe the point is for me to establish these relationships and talk about unifying our approach to campus/students/post-moderns; to simply fellowship with other leaders. and in the end, to make leading worship a happy by-product of those relationships.


more worship gigs seem to keep coming (check 'em out on the calendar section of my website). but they're all in october. i can't quite seem to book a worship gig between november 7 and the end of the year. if you're listening Jesus, it might be cool to lead a few people in worship during nov and dec. thanks guy.


finally, my radio interview was this week. they played a few songs, asked me a few questions, and - whoosh - it was over. Jodi says i did well. I felt like a total moron. it's great how, after an interview like that, in your own mind, you were the wittiest, quickest, funniest guy around. but in reality, you're only rehearsing the comebacks you should've had - not the boring ones that actually came out of your mouth.