the vision

so here are some specifics that i think i'm supposed to aim for, pertaining to this calling as a worship leader:
  • leading worship - the obvious one. specifically, i dream about facilitating a God-experience through culturally relevant songs, visual presentation, and physical involvement. I feel like I've been given a clear picture of being the lead worshipper for large numbers of people, on an inter-denominational level; i.e. a little different from the sunday morning worship pastor at a local church.
  • writing worship songs that reflect the heart of the emerging community of believers (in style, content and presentation). this will hopefully include re-vamping old hymns, putting a few ancient prayers/creeds to music, and re-arranging some of our more wimpy praise choruses.
  • recording on some level. preferably live. some studio work also.
  • worship workshops/training. still kinda fuzzy on this one. but i feel like He's given me a few things to offer in the way of training up others (leaders, musicians, writers) to do some of the above.

looking at this list, it's pretty apparent to me that i'm already doing all of these things. it's just the extent to which i feel compelled to do them that makes me want to kick things up a notch.

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