prophecy - in pirate

arrrr matey! here lies another silly article from lark news.


episode III

jodi, alvin, nicole and I saw revenge of the sith at midnight earlier today.

in a word, SWEET! i guess was probably going to love it no matter what. aside from the expected poor script and acting in a few places this was probably my favorite in the prequel-trilogy.



well then. seems it's been a bit long since i last boasted, er... posted.

this week we did pre-production for 7 songs from my (God-willing) new album. it took me about 6 hours to set up and record everything - from miking every member of the band, to mixing on-the-fly, to getting my 4-track to work.

aside from a few compressor glitches, and the fact that no one else in the band could hear my vocal but me, all wen't pretty darn well. lead guitar sounded kinda hot in the mix, but otherwise i'm happy with some decent demos as sketches of these songs emerge. also, during two really great takes, we ran out of tape - artists unknowingly running out of canvas, then trying to re-create the magic.

if songwriting/performing is like bearing and raising children, where writing the song is conceiving - recording is definitely labor.

maybe i should have a baby dedication for my 10 new children in the fall?



carl is my bass player. an interesting character is he. funny. gifted. creative. kinda forgetful. among other things, carl has:
  • shown up 5 minutes before we were supposed to start playing (i had to call him 10 minutes before that to remind him we had a gig that night);
  • called to cancel a gig because he was on his way to San Diego to propose to his girl;
  • forgotten the power supply to his bass amp; and...
  • not played the first few minutes of a set because he was putting in his earplugs.

this weekend, however, i witnessed something that truly amazed me. something beyond mere randomness and spontaneity. something that still has me in shock and disbelief.

in the middle of a very worshipful moment, as sacraments were being handed out for a communion/worship service where we were playing, carl ran off the stage, to the lobby area where his bride-to-be, leslie had been sitting.

I thought for sure that something was wrong. either that he was about to throw up, or that leslie (that's "less-lee" - not "lez-lee") was in the back having a seizure, or something very serious. he stopped and exchanged a moment with leslie, then RAN back up to the stage with...

...a strawberry milkshake in his hand from In 'n Out.

he later said that his mouth was a little dry and he needed something to drink. we are all now perplexed at the oddity that is carl deese. remind me to make sure he has his milkshake on stage with him before we start.