it's a Boston!

hey y'all. just wanted to share the news. Jodi and I gave birth to a baby boy. here are the details:

name: Boston William Wahba
born: November 6, 2006, 10:27am
weight: 7lbs, 3oz
length: 21 inches

click here to see more pictures of the bugger....


blog neglect, baby update, car wreck

i'm pathetic. why do i feel guilty when I don't blog? is it because I'm neglecting something electronic? something organic? am i in some way neglecting my ministry because my blog is related to that? do you feel ignored? shunned?

what if i blogged everything that happened and every thought I had? would you think i was psycho? I don't think I'd have time to think or have anything happen to me - i'd be blogging all the time.

(raising imaginary beer stein) so here's to neglecting our blogs and living our lives instead.... and here's a quick recap, starting with the most important news:

our child - most of you know that we're due in a week or so. well jodi's body parts seem to already be getting ready to pop out our gender-unknown/name-unknown mini-wahba. in fact, if we don't deliver by this weekend, jodi will be induced this sunday. please say a prayer for us - especially jodi. the whole deal goes down at noon on sunday - that is if we don't erupt prior.

gigs - staying ridiculously busy. we've played campus crusade, chi alpha, praxis church, a church carnival, and the AZ state fair within the past couple of weeks. my last scheduled gig will be tonight - then we'll take a month off - see above for one good reason why.

car - for those who didn't know, we had to get rid of jodi's VW Beetle. it was paid off, but we might as well have had a car payment on it because it was in the shop every month. when the clutch started to get jiggy, we realized it was time to say farewell to Marianna Prosperity.

so we got a new (used) one. a 2005 Civic. deduct several thousand cool points for overall boringness. add about $20/week in gas money to my wallet.

alright, so I'm on my way to a recording session last night in our new car and KABLAM-O! I get rear ended by a kid. he pulls up, airbags deployed in his car. sees i'm okay. gets out and sees I'm calling the police. as I'm talking to 911, this guy hops in his car and speeds off! but not before I get his license plate....

police went straight to his house - he doesn't speak any English. he has his car registered, but doesn't have a driver license (apparently you don't need a license for the AZ-DOT to take your $$). and of course, he has no insurance.

get this - as the police pull up to his house, he and a buddy are found on the street in front of his house, cutting out the airbags from his car so it can't be identified. our car has a banged up rear bumper. the trunk doesn't close. the right rear fender is bent out.

anyway - I don't have any injuries or anything. I'm just really glad jodi wasn't in the car with me. everything would have been totally different.

aside from a psycho ex-girlfriend that keeps emailing me and a 4-hour driving class I had to take to get out of a speeding ticket in Scottsdale, that about catches us up to date....