wahba.net... interrupted

so i finally wiped the dust off the ol' website and updated it for this summer's goings-on. here's a quick run-down:

  • new navigation bar - nothing fancy - just a little easier to navigate through the menus
  • upcoming gigs - true, you only need one hand to count them
  • award nomination - somebody nominated me for "Best Contemporary Christian Male Vocalist". okay.... but show some love anyway and vote here.
peace kids.


Mr. Short-term-band-relationship...

i'm finding myself in a little predicament. i've been invited to play a worship/concert gig in north carolina and I can't find bandmates to play with me!

one weird part of the deal is that the 3-4 people I had always hoped would want to jam with me again are, for one reason or another, less than enthusiastic. not that there should be any undue expectation or pressure on them. i shouldn't expect them to drop what they're doing and join forces with me again just because we've played together before. it's just a funny thing I guess.

it's definitely more of a pressure I put on myself. it unearths a lot of little regrets about mistakes I've made in the past.

for example: you know the guy/girl who gets involved in a spitfire, passionate relationship for a brief time, then dumps the other person and moves on? well i'm that guy, except with BANDS. i take these great band situations, write and gig and record and put on shows that impress strangers. then I leave - usually leave the entire state, along with leaving said band. it happened in pittsburgh, then in raleigh, then in arizona.

one good friend put this spin on my lack of band commitment: "at least you're able to find great bands everywhere you go."

so now i'm in a bit of a fog. waiting for clarity. waving my hand around trying to find God's hand so he can lead me along.

i do have this glimmer of hope: that it's His deal, not mine. that if I let him, he can turn my blunders into beauty.


NC = home

for those of you who haven't seen, here are some pics of the new wahba studio... ahem, home... in cary.

i know this sounds corny, but we're really excited about what god has in mind for it. in every room, we can picture what He's been putting on our hearts to do with our home - entertain, host the 'homeless', create, jam, cook, play....

the backyard makes us thankful every time we see it.



so I'm getting into the swing of this working-across-the-country-from-where-i-live deal. it's a bit taxing on the body (sleep schedule, weird work hours, a bunch of 12-hour work shifts in a row) and on the heart (i miss the heck out of my wife and kid).

so when i'm in phoenix, i'll be doing this wacky work rotation: 2 day shifts, 2 swing shifts, 1-2 night shifts, repeat. and I can't complain, because it's the irregular work schedule that drew me to working the ER in the first place. but I must say, that it has been the single largest barrier to establishing any sense of routine or rhythm to my life.

so despite it all, and at the suggestion of a close pastor/friend, i'm attempting to get some rhythm back. over the past few weeks, I've worked regular devotions into the daily rhythm - it's easily been the most neglected, yet most needed in my life.

and over the next few months, i'll be trying to get back into regularly doing some more stuff.... playing guitar, eating a little better, moving a little more, and yes, hopefully blogging on a more regular basis.

true, in a prior post, I raised a toast to living my life instead of trying to blog every minute detail. now, we're onto a new season....