diagnose and adios....

worked my last shift at the 'vale last night. hopefully my last overnight shift ever :)

kind of sad to leave. I realized it was the longest I've ever kept a job (4 1/2 years; incidentally, the shortest i've had a job was 2 weeks. delivered chinese food in college).

they had a little spread for me as it was my last day. a gigantic cookie with a "we'll miss you" message and an icing-stethescope on it makes a guy feel good. I understood for the first time that i wasn't only taking care of patients while working there. that the staff were my patients too, in a way.

it was a good last shift to have. some new (disoriented) staff and a particularly slow night for lab & x-ray, along with a healthy dose of uncooperative patients helped remind me of the finer things I've experienced over the years. i was called a few choice words, had a patient vomit in front of me, smelled pus from an infected surgical wound, had family members get upset when I didn't know spanish. ahh, i'll miss this place....

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